NKG Management Services


NKG Management Services have been a provider of quality fraud investigation services since 1999. NKG specializes in the area of fraud investigation and fraud risk management with a commitment to providing high quality solution based services exhibiting best practice.

At NKG, we recognize that a mishandled or poorly executed investigation can not only cause financial loss, but also cause irreparable brand name and reputation damage.

All NKG staff and management present with an uncompromising belief in Integrity, Honesty and Confidentiality, with a commitment to providing ethical practice which positions NKG at the forefront of the fraud investigation industry.

Our Experience

Our many years of experience in conducting a wide range of complex fraud investigations has enabled our management, staff and investigators to exhibit and develop the necessary skills and competency to conduct investigations to the highest of standards. Our methodology is to be robust whilst at the same time mindful of the commercial needs of our clients.

Our Case History

NKG has conducted both factual and surveillance investigations for many of Australia’s largest insurers, banks, law firms, government departments and corporate entities. NKG has also case managed investigations in the United States, Greece, Israel, United Kingdom, South East Asia and the Middle East with great success.