We specialize in the area of fraud investigation and fraud risk management.

NKG Management Services have been a provider of quality fraud investigation services since 1999 with a commitment to providing high quality solution based services exhibiting best practice.

“Fraud and falsehood only dread examination. Truth invites it.”

Samuel Johnson 1709- 1784


Our methodology is to be robust whilst at the same time mindful of the commercial needs of our clients.

NKG’s factual investigations are unique to the individual circumstance presented as no two matters are the same. NKG does not utilize pro forma methodology to conduct investigations as each investigation is characterized by a unique set of circumstances.

NKG are equipped to provide Fraud Risk Management and Fraud Control services to assist clients in preventing, identifying and dealing with fraud risk. An organisations approach to managing fraud risk and corruption should be underpinned by a policy developed with internal and external consultation with appropriate benchmarking against establish best practice prevention programs and standards.

White collar crime presents as an insidious exposure to all organizations. The traditional method of law enforcement intervention faces increasing financial pressure and cannot investigate every instance of unlawful behavior perpetrated within an organisation.

Employment screening and employment background checks are vital to maintaining workforce integrity and safety which in turn reduces the risk associated with employment decisions. Our inquiries provide you with the insight required to make informed decisions quickly and easily.

NKG are able to case manage both factual and surveillance operations facilitate by firms in other states or internationally on behalf of our clients.

NKG provides surveillance services as part of our comprehensive investigation solution. Excellent results can be achieved when the use of both surveillance and factual investigations are successfully combined to form a comprehensive interactive strategy.

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