Corruption and Misconduct Investigations

White collar crime presents as an insidious exposure to all organizations. The traditional method of law enforcement intervention faces increasing financial pressure and cannot investigate every instance of unlawful behavior perpetrated within an organisation.

We combine financial, analytical and investigation experience gained from investigating large-scale fraud event s within both the public and private sector.

We assist clients to establish the facts by interviewing relevant witnesses and possible suspects and collecting information from source records including IT data. This may assist our clients in recovering stolen assets; commence disciplinary action and/or commencing legal proceedings against the parties involved.

As part of our investigations we can:

  •    Interview witnesses who may have knowledge to support the investigation and obtain statements
  •    Collect, collate, secure and analyse evidence
  •    Trace funds / assets / goods
  •    Liaise with in-house and external counsel
  •    Liaise with law enforcement and regulatory bodies
  •    Organise a forensic examination of computer systems
  •    Develop a strategy to continue the conduct of the investigation
  •    Establish the quantum of loss
  •    Provide evidence to support a claim against an organisation’s fidelity insurance policy
  •    Assist in the preparation of a Statement of Claim
  •    Prepare a brief of evidence to be used in legal proceedings

We work to ensure confidentiality, compliance with legal and ethical guidelines and help you in managing your reputational risk.