Factual Investigations

NKG’s factual investigations are unique to the individual circumstance presented as no two matters are the same. NKG does not utilize pro forma methodology to conduct investigations as each investigation is characterized by a unique set of circumstances.

Investigations, particularly fraud investigations, are often complex, challenging and sensitive.

NKG staff and operatives remain up to date with the latest determinations of various decision making bodies such as the Insurance Ombudsman Service, the Financials Industry Complaints Service and the judiciary to ensure that we provide our clients with an investigation that can withstand the toughest scrutiny.

All NKG investigations feature a comprehensive investigation strategy tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of the matter which is designed to:

  • identify all relevant avenues of enquiry;
  • obtain objective and admissible evidence
  • to probe and validate all information provided; and
  • produce a detailed report of the findings to allow the client the ability to make an informed decision.

During the course of an investigation we ensure that our client is provided with regular status reports, usually on a weekly basis. In the event information is established which alters the initial strategic content of the investigation, we will liaise immediately with the client to assess the parameters of the initial investigative strategy and implement any alternate approach to the investigation.

In presenting our findings to our clients, NKG provides detailed examination and analysis of the facts and critical issues identified during the investigation. We do not provide opinions.