Surveillance Operations

NKG provides surveillance services as part of our comprehensive investigation solution. Excellent results can be achieved when the use of both surveillance and factual investigations are successfully combined to form a comprehensive interactive  strategy.

NKG has experience in the provision of surveillance services in the following areas:

  •    Workplace surveillance – including preparation of appropriate warrants as per the requirements of the relevant jurisdictional requirements.
  •    Disability and medical

In providing surveillance services, NKG aims to provide a quality service tailored to the commercial needs of our clients. NKG does not conduct surveillance for domestic/family/matrimonial purposes.

In reporting our surveillance findings to our clients, NKG will undertake to:

  •    Adhere to all applicable legislation including torts of trespass and Privacy during the process of observation.
  •    Ensure that all observations are clearly and appropriately recorded for evidentiary purposes.
  •    Provide a detailed report of our observations.
  •    Provide copies of all footage obtained to our client in CD/DVD format.

NKG utilises the services of surveillance operatives throughout Australia and internationally.